5 Easy Steps To Start With Yoga

What is Yoga? Why go with Yoga?

Yoga is an art that is performed to make the senses active. By performing yoga you will feel your body relaxed and uplifted from all kinds of stress and body pain. However, there is a lot more than that when it comes to yoga.

Yoga derives from the Greek word “Yuj” which means to bind together. Yoga is all about making the body able to work on rhythm and perform any task with the best ease. The main motive of performing yoga is to do various daily activities in unique styles. Such as breathing exercises, exhaling methods, etc.

Yoga is very beneficial when it comes to losing weight, reducing body part pains. Such as back pain, neck pain, etc. All these can be dealing with the help of Yoga.

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Some tips for beginners

1. Yoga for Starters:

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When a beginner starts to do yoga, then he/she faces many problems. Some of them are like not able to bend properly, not able to touch feet, not able to stretch in a healthy manner. Let me tell you that yoga is not about bending properly of touching body parts. It’s all about stretching at 98 degrees properly with back straight. It’s all about breathing in an adequate manner while performing yoga. As a tip, one should start with some basic exercises like inhaling and exhaling breath. For more, you may refer to the article on how to exhale and inhale while performing the exercise.

2. Taking Help of Professionals:

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When it comes to saying something about beginners. There come many mistakes. But in case of performing yoga or any exercise, doing mistakes can even cause bad impacts. So taking a proper help from some experts can help a lot. By taking help the chances of having bad impacts can be reduced to a greater extent. Here are some articles referring to expert tips.

3. Wear according to comfort:

A basic tip for beginners is that when it comes to performing yoga, having proper guidance is necessary, having all equipment are to necessary. But without having proper wear, all of these are useless. As when we wear cloth our flexibility depends totally on that cloth only. If we wear cloth-like tight jeans or will wear thick jackets then it will quite difficult to move body parts with ease.

4. Warming up before doing yoga:

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The warm-up is something that is done before performing any exercise. The warm-up is as necessary for the body as a battery for a wall clock. Because if there is no warmup before Yoga, then exercises will not be performed by our body in an adequate manner. Our body will not respond quickly with the actions which we will be giving. Hence before performing the art of yoga, stretch the body.

Massage the head, nose, cheeks. Massage in clockwise direction round ways to make the blood circulate properly.

Rotate the neck in clockwise and anticlockwise directions according to your comfort for about 10 mins.

Run for 5 mins.

All these will ultimately complete the process of warming you up in about 20 mins. And that is almost enough to make body realise that some activities are going to be performed by it.

Relax your body:

At last, after fallowing expert tips and performing all forms of yoga you must take proper rest on that platform only for about 30 mins to make your blood circulation and heart pump back to normal. For that, you may refer to the article on how to relax after a workout.

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