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Mono” is very viral these days. This is a disease that has almost no treatment. It stands for “mononucleosis“. This disease is usually caused by many reasons but the main virus behind this is known as “Epstein-Barr“. A virus that is responsible for this “Mono” disease. This disease is usually caused by teenagers means the people who belong to the age group of 13 years to 19 years.

Mono” usually transmitted between two persons through saliva which means it is also known as kissing disease or it is very viral these days by the name of kissing disease. As you must be thinking that this disease is caused when you are in a teenage. But this is not the truth. Actually “Mono” is in the body since birth. Many people have Mono Virus since their childhood.

Anyone who has the “Mono” virus in his or her body will be affected soon when he or she will try to be in a sexual relationship. The symptoms are very negotiable in childhood so it is not clear whether the person is suffering from mono or not. If this virus enters your body then it is more likely that you will be living with this disease for the rest of your life.

However, in 90% of the countries, these diseases don’t cause a young age rather it causes in teenage due to sexual transmission of saliva through kissing which is usually in college and school-going children

All the symptoms of “Mono”:

Since this disease has the symptoms which widely match any type of viral fever or viral disease. So many times this is being ignored by the person having “Mono”.This disease is not that much serious as this Cures on itself in almost two-three months. But the symptoms should be in your mind so that all the precautions can be taken within time.

The Symptoms can be:

High Fever

Swollen glands & tonsills



Muscles pain and crams

Body cramps

Bone cuts


Raches on the body(small red spots may also be included)

Refer to be in touch: Healthcare

There is one more possibility that your liver may also swell. But “Mono” does not cause this effect usually. It is very rare that your liver gets affected because of “Mono“.Usually “Mono” cures by itself if taken proper homecare but if this is not done by itself you are most likely supposed to consult the doctor.

“Mono” time period:

As this disease affect the immune system. So there are many probabilities that it continues for a long time. As its effects on different parts of the body such as liver, heart and also in the formation of blood. Because if someone is suffering from Mono then there is a huge chance that his/her blood gets affected because of the virus caused.

“Mono” Treatments:

There are many types of treatment that can be done if someone is suffering from “Mono“.Some of the tests can include; white blood cells counting. This can be done because when “Mono” disease is caused all the blood cells, as well as red blood cells, get affected because of the infection caused by EBV. As “Mono” affects the functioning of body organs. There are many other tests that are related to these body organs enabling the doctors to find the proper treatment of that affected organ.

There is a special test which is specially designed only for this “Mono” disease. Known as the “Monospot test“. In this test, the doctor finds the clot in the blood. That is caused by the virus called Epstein-Barr Virus and caused by a very dangerous disease “Mono”.If the fever, headache or any type of symptoms last for a long time in your body. Then your doctor may refer you for the EBV antibody test. This test enables the doctor to see each and every point of the blood. So that he/she can get the possibilities of this disease in one week.

Frankly speaking there is almost no solutions or no treatment program which is specially designed for this “Mono“. Because it has some of the specific areas which it affects. So doctors usually preferred use and heavy bed rest and all the precautions that can be taken while suffering from this disease. If the situation gets worse than we recommend you to consult your doctor immediately.

Does Kissing Cause “Mono” an untreatable disease?

Now the question comes that does kissing causes “Mono”, which is an untreatable disease these days. So the answer is yes because “Mono” usually transfers from one person to another person through saliva. Saliva can only be transferred through kissing. If there would be no kissing or no saliva transfer between two persons, then this disease will not be transferred from anyway. Thus saying kissing the reason is not the correct way. As it is only one of the factor which affects this disease to spread.

How to treat mono at home:

It can’t be said that “Mono” can be treated at home but they are precautions and some of the points which can be kept into the mind when you are suffering from “Mono” so that it does not last long.

1. Eating healthy and nutritious food items.

2. Eating something which is beneficial to health and also keeps the body hydrated.

3. Taking proper and enough bed rests.

4. Drinking water in a good manner and keeping the body healthy.

5. Taking medicines prescribed by the doctor to empower the immune system and keeping the body ready to fight against it.

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